Pat Duggan

Okanagan Farm, Ranch, & Residential Real Estate Specialist

Pat Duggan knows what it takes to buy or sell a farm in the Okanagan.  Having called the Okanagan home for more than four decades, Pat spent 26 of those years making a living as a successful dairy farmer.

Once Pat had made the decision to retire from dairy farming, it took three stressful years before a deal was finally closed, allowing him to move on to new endeavors. However, he saw his frustration as a new opportunity.  He realized that the reason selling his farm was so difficult, was because the agents he was working with didn’t have any specialized knowledge about farms or agriculture, or what it took to buy or sell these properties.  So at 45 years old, Pat went back to school to get his real estate license.

Today Pat is the Okanagan’s Farm, Ranch, and Residential Real Estate Specialist.  Being born and raised here – and still actively involved in farming (today he maintains a 60 acre farm) – he has an intimate knowledge of the agricultural and residential properties within the Okanagan and surrounding areas, and can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

If you need a real estate agent with unsurpassed knowledge of farm, ranch, agricultural, and residential real estate within the Okanagan area, then call Pat today. Whether you need to buy or sell, he’ll work hard to earn your trust, and he’ll even provide you with a free market evaluation of your farm, ranch, or home.